When The Unexpected Happens {an explanation of my absence}

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We were finally getting into a groove, I was comfortable with cooking clean, nutritious and gluten free meals that my family actually liked. Weekly visits to my chiropractor were significantly helping my digestive system and managing my endometriosis pain.  I was busily planning for homeschooling 1st grade to my daughter, planning fun preschool crafts and projects for my son and training my baby to take a long nap so we could accomplish school in peace. Then it happened. Of course, I should have guessed that because I was getting comfortable with our new routine that a huge curve ball would be thrown into my court. Last month, I found out I was pregnant with our 4th baby.


This came as a HUGE surprise. We always wanted four babies, but right now, seriously? My baby just turned one! I will admit, I was completely overwhelmed and felt scared. You see, my pregnancies have typically been very rough. Morning sickness that lasts all day and night for weeks on end, cysts that rupture, babies that want to be born early causing me to go on bed rest, along with all the other joys of pregnancy 🙂 I did not know how I was going to keep our “routine” that we had worked so hard to perfect while growing another baby inside me.


Here I am, five weeks later, and we are still “making it”….barely. Morning sickness has been extreme, thus my non-posting for a long time. Cooking has been non-exsistant. But, we have survived. My husband has stepped up so much by slowing down his work schedule so he can be available to help, take- out has been frequent, my six year old daughter has been amazing and served me in so many ways. She helps with breakfast and lunch, changes the occasion diaper when I cannot handle the smells and managed to maintain a happy heart. I love my family.


As scared as I am with the thought of managing four babies under six, I cannot help but be humbled and grateful for the opportunity to raise four little people, MY little people. Doctors told me when I was younger that I would never have children. Here I am, pregnant with a healthy fourth baby and we have had no help, beside a surgery to clean out some endometriosis 7 years ago.


I am almost nearing the end of my first trimester and I am hoping to be back to posting and cooking soon. For now, it will still be sporadic. We just finished our first week of homeschooling and I am trying to figure out a new normal for our family during this season.


I will leave you with an introduction to my new favorite non-GMO company, The Ginger People. They make a variety of different products and some of them have become genuine life savers for me! I encourage you to find their products in your nearest health food store and give them a try! Here is a little more about them:

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Thank you for understanding my absence, you are all the best! I have continued to gain more readers and encouragement from you, even with the lack of posting or new recipes. I love blogging about our journey and hearing from you! Thank you for supporting me.


Day Forty Seven. A Heart Attack At 29.

Day Forty Seven.

It was a normal day, I visited my chiropractor that morning and to my surprise I was “holding” my alignment pretty well. I went home, feeling great. It was a beautiful morning out so we decided to do a little yard work, nothing major, just trimming the bushes. As I was trimming my left arm started getting weak. I kept working but then it got so weak I could not longer grip the clippers. I thought it was weird, but I did not really think it was anything serious. I called my Husband at work and let him know what was going on…he was concerned that something was wrong, that I was potentially having a heart attack. I told him I was fine and nothing was going on with my heart, I am only twenty-nine after all! We hung up and I promised if things started getting worse I would go get checked out. Then it happened, my heart started skipping 15-17 beats in a minute, it was racing out of control, I was getting chills, dizzy and my arm was getting worse. I had been “resting”, drinking tons of water and nothing was improving. I started thinking, maybe I was having a heart attack, I am not sure what that feels like, but what I experienced was not normal.

Here is where some might disagree with me and have different opinions for how I handled the situation. But, I called my Chiropractor and explained what was happening and decided to go in immediately and get adjusted. During the drive I was prepared to pull over right away if things got worse. I explained to my daughter about calling 911 if Mommy needed help and could not talk or answer their questions, that was a hard conversation and my kids understood the seriousness and were rightly concerned. We drove there, slowly, my Husband closely following us on the “track my iPhone” app to make sure we were moving and my kids were constantly asking me questions and making sure Mommy was still able to talk. So sweet.

*Warning* Here is where I turn hippy and talk about how much everyone should see a Chiropractor.

Remember my symptoms? Left arm weakness, dizzy, heart racing, severe palpitations, cold sweats, etc. If I would have walked into an ER I would have been hooked up immediately to all sorts of monitors, blood drawn, scans, tests….$$$$! But instead I walked into my Chiropractor and he immediately noticed I was out of alignment pretty bad. Only a couple of hours and I had slipped out, my right foot was being pulled up almost half an inch higher than my left, this one of the ways my Chiropractor checks for alignment. My previous x-rays had already shown I have stage 2 degeneration at the base of my neck right at the cervical and thoracic part of my spine. If you look at this chart below it shows how the nervous system and spine all connect together, really amazing stuff! It made perfect sense to why I would be experiencing heart problems. The nerves that control my heart, coronary arteries and arms are located right in that damaged part of my spine. They were being pinched and under stress, which in turn caused the symptoms I experienced.

After a quick assessment on muscle weakness and a few other checks I was adjusted and back in perfect alignment. My heart immediately stopped skipping and went back to a normal beat, my arm was still pretty weak, but much stronger and my dizziness completely went away. I rested with ice and took an easy the rest of the day, but other than that I was good as new! No crazy expensive tests, no sitting in an ER for several hours and no medications prescribed. I love Chiropractic care.

I have been totally fascinated with everything I have been learning about our bodies and the way they function. It is such an intricate and amazingly beautiful thing the way we are woven together and how it has been designed and created to work in perfect harmony…when everything is aligned and in order. I am not saying modern medicine is a bad thing, I think there are occasions when it is necessary and a gift that we have such advanced technology to aid in healing our bodies. However, I do think God has created a perfect design in the human body and when it is aligned, being fed proper nutrition and being cared for well, it will function perfectly.

Our nervous system is so complex and is woven through the spine. The nervous system controls so many aspects, okay ALL aspects, of our bodies function. If one nerve is being pinched by a spine that is out of alignment you will eventually experience symptoms. My back is in pretty rough shape. As I said above, my neck has stage 2 of 3 degeneration and I have a couple other curves in my back causing nerves to be stressed or pinched. My Chiropractor said I could technically be labelled having triple scoliosis by the degree of curves in my spine.

I will go into more about our spine and our health in a later post. I have been totally fascinated by all of this and I am learning as much as I can. I really do believe this could be my “cure” to all my physical problems, proper alignment in my spine.

I am hoping to get back to a more normal routine of posting. I have a lot to share: recipes, product and book reviews and other information I have come across. Please hang with me in my delayed posting!


If you live in the Atlanta area and are looking for a great Chiropractor I highly suggest Adio Chiropractic.