Behind The Labels – GMO Buzz Words

Have you ever wondered what some of the ingredients are on the labels or your food.  Here are what I call GMO “buzz” words when it comes to label reading.  They are listed in alphabetical order.

A huge thank you to GMO Resistance for providing this amazing list!

If a non-organic packaged good has one of these ingredients listed below, it is likely to be genetically engineered. Look for Non-GMO Project certified products and ingredients that are listed as 100% organic on labels to avoid all GMOs in your diet.

▪ Aspartame (Also Called Nutrasweet & Equal)
▪ Baking Powder
▪ Canola Oil (Rapeseed Oil)
▪ Caramel Color
▪ Cellulose
▪ Citric Acid
▪ Cobalamin (Vitamin B12)
▪ Colorose
▪ Condensed Milk
▪ Confectioners Sugar
▪ Corn Flour
▪ Corn Masa
▪ Corn Meal
▪ Corn Oil
▪ Corn Sugar
▪ Corn Syrup
▪ Cornstarch
▪ Cottonseed Oil
▪ Cyclodextrin
▪ Cystein
▪ Dextrin
▪ Dextrose
▪ Diacetyl
▪ Diglyceride
▪ Erythritol
▪ Equal
▪ Food Starch
▪ Fructose (Any Form)
▪ Glucose
▪ Glutamate
▪ Glutamic Acid
▪ Glycerides
▪ Glycerin
▪ Glycerol
▪ Glycerol Monooleate
▪ Glycine
▪ Hemicellulose
▪ High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS)
▪ Hydrogenated Starch
▪ Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein
▪ Inositol
▪ Inverse Syrup
▪ Inversol
▪ Invert Sugar
▪ Isoflavones
▪ Lactic Acid
▪ Lecithin
▪ Leucine
▪ Lysine
▪ Malitol
▪ Malt
▪ Malt Syrup
▪ Malt Extract
▪ Maltodextrin
▪ Maltose
▪ Mannitol
▪ Methylcellulose
▪ Milk Powder
▪ Milo Starch
▪ Modified Food Starch
▪ Modified Starch
▪ Mono And Diglycerides
▪ Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)
▪ Nutrasweet
▪ Oleic Acid
▪ Phenylalanine
▪ Phytic Acid
▪ Protein Isolate
▪ Shoyu
▪ Sorbitol
▪ Soy Flour
▪ Soy Isolates
▪ Soy Lecithin
▪ Soy Milk
▪ Soy Oil
▪ Soy Protein
▪ Soy Protein Isolate
▪ Soy Sauce
▪ Starch
▪ Stearic Acid
▪ Sugar (Unless Specified As Cane Sugar)
▪ Tamari
▪ Tempeh
▪ Teriyaki Marinades
▪ Textured Vegetable Protein
▪ Threonine
▪ Tocopherols (Vitamin E)
▪ Tofu
▪ Trehalose
▪ Triglyceride
▪ Vegetable Fat
▪ Vegetable Oil
▪ Vitamin B12
▪ Vitamin E
▪ Whey
▪ Whey Powder
▪ Xanthan Gum


8 thoughts on “Behind The Labels – GMO Buzz Words

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  2. thank you so much for this list. I too am a mom who is struggling with finding ways to eat a non GMO diet. I am going out of my way to research what contains GMOs and what doesn’t….and I’m SURE we’ll never be completely sure b/c GMOs don’t have to be disclosed on everything. I would like to include this list on my website for my readers also. While I respect those who stand by GMOs and feeding the world, I just ask that they respect our thoughts and beliefs on wanting these foods properly labeled so we can avoid them at all costs!

  3. By the way, in response to the above comments, you don’t have to stop eating ‘everything’…… just stop eating garbage. Stop eating 95% of what you find in the middle of the supermarket and buy organic REAL food from your local farmers market when you can. Make real food for breakfast lunch and dinner to avoid snacking. It can be challenging at first, I (and my family) can attest to that. We still aren’t even close to being non GMO, but we’re working on it …. one day at a time. Good luck to you

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