Food Fight. When Activism Leads to Mass Murder.

Tonight on Fox News channel I watched a show called, The Five. Greg Gutfeld was speaking and he had a few things to say about people who disagree with GMO’s. This particular five minute segment has me so upset, I need to take a few moments to respond.

First, he opens the show with a title: “When Activism Leads to Mass Murder.” He calls the people who disagree with the benefits of GMO’s an “accessory to murder, loopy celebrities and enviro-terrorists”.

Well, excuse me Mr. Gutfeld, but I am no loopy celebrity or enviro-terrorist. I am simply a stay-at-home Mom who has seen the ill-effects of GMO’s on my families health and I am doing something about it, for the sake of my family. 

He then further has the guts to say that “natural is just the elites way of saying I am better than you to the poor. Lucky for them they have no problems getting vitamin A, their maids do it for them”. 

Maybe it is my newly pregnant hormones raging, but I almost threw something at the screen. Seriously, Mr Gutfeld don’t you think this is a big extreme and harsh? I am most definitely not taking the stand of a “elitist” with our natural eating. If anything, I strive on this blog to be real, to come across as the exact opposite of this. I know it is hard and expensive to eat healthy, but I also do not want this is discourage anyone from making changes where they can. Moderation and any sort of change from the processed, chemical laden food will benefit anyone. Oh, and by the way we DO have problems finding our vitamin A because your big corporations, like Monsanto, that you stand behind strip all the nutrients from our food and replace them with artificial vitamins, in case you did not know, are not better for you. And please, if I could for one second trade my place with you so you can see what my “maid” looks like I think you would take your words back. This is a slap in the face to any typical Mom who tries to make the most of her family’s healthy eating habits. Grouping all people who eat natural as those rich enough to afford maids is by far a stretch.

I am just an average American, we are not “rich” by any means or in any “elite” circle.  I am not a celebrity or a environmentalist. I am a Mom who saw my children, and myself, suffering. We took steps to figure out what was causing our sickness and you know what we found? It was genetically modified food. Those exact GMO’s you are claiming I have murdered people for by standing up against them. Those GMO’s were causing pain and suffering in my family. You tell me what Mom can obviously see that something is causing her children to suffer and continue to give it to them? No Mom. No Mom, Mr. Gutfeld.

You said, about me, “in service to their ego they turn a blind eye to the suffering of others who’s actual blindness they cause”. I am not servicing my ego by refusing to eat GMO’s, I am servicing my families health and well being. For us, this is the right choice. The fact that you would go further to say that I am turning a blind eye to those suffering is absurd.! Do you know how much I fight for people who are suffering? No. Did you know that my family contributed to third world countries and the building of clean wells for fresh water? No. You are not here when I pray with my children over our dinner for those who do not have enough money to eat. We are thankful for every God grown, nutritious meal we are able to provide. I take the time to teach my children about those less fortunate than us, we serve with our local church and homeless ministry by making lunches for those in need. We take food and donate it to a local food pantry. We reach out, we serve and we are doing our best to teach our children to be the kind of people who notice those that are suffering and DO something about it.

On a side note, I found this website detailing all the third world countries who THEMSELVES are refusing the GMO foods we are donating. Interesting. Third World Nations Fight Back Against GMOs Food – Rosebud Magazine Hydroponics Lifestyle Growing And Entertainment!

I will end my rant by saying I do realize Scientists are trying their best to help those third world countries by creating food that can help save lives for starving nations. I commend that. I do not think there is anything wrong with it, nor do I think there is anything inherently wrong with GMO’s. I just know that through our journey I have learned that GMO’s, for whatever reason, are harmful to my children and family as a whole and I will do everything I can to protect my family. So if I must be labeled a “loopy environmentalist” for sake of my son growing and thriving in life, so be it.

You can watch the entire segment of this show here:


8 thoughts on “Food Fight. When Activism Leads to Mass Murder.

  1. I love what you have to say here. I am a single mother, very low income and I have no choice but to feed my daughter GMO free foods, since she has massive health affects and allergies that were obviously caused by GMOs. Funny, since I removed them from her diet, she no longer has asthma! It is apparent to me, that Mr. Gutfield may be paid by Monsanto. His remarks are beyond ridiculous and he has absolutely no idea what he is talking about. Just the opposite, the fact is, Monsanto is responsible for the deaths and illness of thousands upon thousands of people in the world and it is they who are clearly the environmental terrorists!!
    I applaud you for recognizing the health issues with GMO and your family. Although, still not commonplace, parents are waking up and figuring out that GMOs are a serious detriment to our familys’ health and I applaud your efforts. I was disappointed by your comment, after all, that you said there is nothing inherently wrong with GMOs. I beg to differ. This planet was here when we arrived. Nobody has the right to remake and stake claim to nature because they moved around some genes and added virus, bacteria and poison, saying it’s no different than conventional food, yet it’s so different that we need a patent. He who controls the food, controls the world and that is Monsanto’s ultimate goal. They have put the genetic code, the “key” to life itself on a Rubik’s cube of sorts and then reselling it to us. We will all pay an infinite price for this!!
    It’s kind of like visiting someone’s house, rearranging the furniture and calling it your own. Nobody has the right to own life, nature or the genetic keys to the kingdom. That is inherently wrong!!

  2. Wat a big fat, sad joke all of his comments are!!! Looks like you can turn around any of is comments and they’d be true about what HE is doing to the world through promoting GMOs. I don’t get this whole vitamin A comparison. GMO corn, canola, soy and others are modified NOt to have more vitamin A, but to produce pesticides!! So in order for them to make vitamin A rice, WE have to eat pesticide producing corn? No thank you, way to make yourself look like an idiot, Mr. G!!

  3. The “Vitamin A” comment was in response to “Golden Rice” which has been genetically engineered to biosynthesize beta-carotene, a precursor of vitamin A, with the idea that it could be sold in regions where Vitamin A deficiencies are a very real problem (these deficiencies cause blindness, which is the “blindness” that Gutfeld refers to). There are a whole host of problems with this though (which Vandana Shiva illustrates here:, not least of which is that foods that are traditionally grown and eaten in these regions (coriander, amaranth, carrot, pumpkin, mango, and jackfruit) are very, very high in Vitamin A. The problem is not that there are no foods that contain sufficient levels of Vitamin A, or even that people have access to these foods, it’s that they’re too poor to buy them, which is a whole other discussion.

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